A Better Hiring Solution

A Better Labour Hire Solution


Hiring Formats:

  1. In-house. The freelancer comes to your office where you provide a space to work.
  2. Remote. All communication is online.
  3. Mixed In-house and remote. The freelancer will have physical meetings, but perform the majority of work remotely.

Note: Freelancers always have their own computers and software. If you use specific project management SAAS, you may need to add them as a user.


How it works:

  1. Provide your business name, programming languages, brief description, quantity of freelancers needed, level of skill required, start date, expected duration, format (in-house, remote, mixed), address, email.
  2. Pay 79 Eur connection fee. Credit card or Paypal.
  3. 93% of jobs can be started within 2 days. We confirm availabilities and match the best-suited candidate. You will be notified by email in 2 hours.
  4. They start working.



  • Fixed hourly rate for predictable budgeting. 15 Euro/hour.
  • Preselected candidates.
  • Reviewed portfolio.
  • Checked reference work history.
  • Testing of coding ability.
  • No delay in the hiring process.
  • No time spend filtering candidates.
  • No ongoing hire costs.
  • Zero equipment needed.
  • Nothing to do: just start working.


BucharestCoders.ro is a relatively new business making strides to connect small and large businesses with skilled and work-ready candidates.

Founded by Mark Evans - an Australian programmer now residing in Bucharest.

That's me hiking up to Telecabina cota 2000 in Sinaia.

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Are the people skilled enough?

We reference check, code test, portfolio check, review code samples, review work and personal project history.


Are people timely and reliable?

We do interviews to assess timeliness, body language, attitude, professionalism, code test (getting them to modify a script whilst being watched).


What if they have a bad attitude?

It's unlikely since we've interviewed them and found them pleasant to work with. But in a rare instance when they're not a good fit, you can switch people for free.


Are the people local?

Yes, everyone is a Romanian citizen.



The value is in the connection. Don't pay an ongoing percentage of work that we're not doing. The freelancer will invoice you directly.


What we do:

  • Preselect candidates skilled and available.
  • Give them initial instruction: Business name, location, start date and time, expected duration, format (partial remote etc), the brief scope of work.
  • Provide any support needed.


What we don't do:

  • Guarantee the work done. We preselect people to the best of our ability, but since we're not physically doing the work, we can't guarantee. 
  • Ongoing day-to-day communication will be between freelancer and client (yourself)


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