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BucharestCoders.ro connects coders with development companies in Bucharest.

The work is freelancing and often physically in-house. So you need to be in Bucharest. The other formats will be fully remote, or a mixed format where you have some meetings but then go work at home.

There are also no commissions on your rates. The employers will pay only a referral fee to be connected with you. This is mutually beneficial having no-one profiting from your work. As you probably know, platforms like Upwork charge 20% commissions.

All work charged at 15 Eur/hour. Invoiced direct with your employer. A fixed rate adds predictablity to both yourself and employers.

  • Physically in Bucharest and permitted to work in Romania.
  • English speaking. You're reading this, so you're doing well.
  • A completed qualification in programming.
  • Experience is preferred, but a great portfolio of personal projects is acceptable.

10 Minute Application